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Our Services

American Vending, located in Maple Grove, MN and serving the greater Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) area, offers a full line of vending services including state of the art vending machines, a variety of fresh snacks, entrees, salads, fruits, pastries, candy, soda, milk, juices, coffee and more, and an excellent maintenance and restocking schedule to keep your vending machines inviting and running smoothly.

Our Vending Machines

Our vending machines use the latest technologies to bring a diverse and enticing array of food and beverage choices to you and your employees. Excellent refrigeration capabilities make available a wide variety of gourmet offerings such as Canadian ham and cheese croissant and grilled chicken sandwiches. Flexible shelving allows us to fully stock your vending machine with your custom food and beverage order. Combined food and beverage vending options allow for greater variety in a small space. And various sized vending machines ensure that we have a machine to fit your location, no matter what its size.

Our Food and Beverages

From chicken noodle soup to a club sandwich, we have the menu choices you and your employees need on site. Always popular choices, our name brand snacks and beverages deliver familiar favorites to your workplace. But today's vending machines are capable of much more! From our Tuna Salad Wedge and Bratwurst Sandwich to our Ruiz Red Hot Burrito and Landshire Smoked Turkey, American Vending has the menu to fulfill every taste at every meal. Whether your employees desire break food, dinner, breakfast, or lunch, American Vending can deliver.

All our food and beverages are fresh, recently stocked items that are tasty and filling. At American Vending, we maintain a tight schedule for restocking your vending machines to ensure that your machines are fully stocked with fresh selections at all times. Each time we replenish your vending machine with fresh food and beverages, we check your machines to ensure they are performing properly. We invite you to eat with us, we know you and your staff will love it!