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American Vending: Drinks, Snacks & More!

American Vending, Inc., serving the greater Twin Cities, provides a full line of vending services that include delivery and complete maintenance of a wide variety of machines. We keep your vending machines fully stocked with a fresh assortment of items including hot coffee and cold beverages, lunch and dinner entrees, candy, chips, pastries, salads, fruit and other snacks, as well as an extensive line of health foods.


American Vending places all vending machines on location, provides frequent product restocking for high quality, fresh food, and ensures our vending machines are in excellent operating order. From carousel machines to variable width vending machines, we have the right fit for your location. Our commitment to fresh food and fully stocked machines promise inviting food and beverage choices for your employees. At each restocking, our technicians ensure that your machine is performing optimally, and we service all our equipment regularly.

As a customer of American Vending, you will always have clean, well-maintained vending machines that offer a convenient variety of food and beverages your employees will love.

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